Lala's Argentine Grill

It started back in 1988 when Horacio Wescher Ferrari and another Mario Balul came to the U.S. – California to be more precise – with the intention of applying their deep-rooted Argentinean culture to the restaurant business. Their goal: to ultimately fuse this commitment to their heritage with a profound appreciation for the values of American citizenship and life…or, as they put it, “to combine the best of both worlds.” The result, after creating a synergy of thoughts, concepts and visions that harkened back to memories of Argentinean dining, was Lala’s which opened in April of 1996 amidst a flurry of anticipation and an enthusiastic public.

Today, nothing has changed at this authentic Argentine Grill, which has spawned a second location at 7229 Melrose – Mario and Horacio can be seen at the restaurant every single day constantly applying attention to details and utilizing a totally hands-on approach in the area of management.

More About Us!

Here, pleasurable socializing combines with an outstanding dining experience replete with unhurried and unique social attributes for a restaurant nearly like no other amidst the ultra-competitive L.A. eatery circuit. Our menu has been “imaginatively balanced” to offer traditional Argentinean favorites with a dash of California-esque cuisine, bolstered by a selection of the most premium quality of meats.

When it comes to meats, the utmost care in preparation is executed by the Lala’s kitchen staff – our steaks are aged a minimum of 25 days and some of our more sought-after dishes in this corner of our menu have included Entrana, skirt steak; Bife Encebollado, skirt steak topped with grilled onions, garlic and parsley; Costilla, a ribeye steak; Filet Plano, a certified Angus Beef flat iron steak; and Lomo, center-cut filet mignon.

From house specialties to sides and seemingly everything in between, the Lala’s foray into a genuine Argentine meal must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Join us today for a truly unique and memorable meal.